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. the condo conversion lottery was put in place for a reason. there's constant attack on rent control on many fronts. this is another battle. a few examples of how rent control housing is being lost, what about allowing academy of art to take over rent controlled buildings for student housing and the thousands of units that have been converted to short-term rentals which continue to occur despite current legislation to curb it. and i keep hearing tenants will get lifetime leases. today is the first time i heard that those lifetime leases would be rent controlled. but supervisor farrell did not explain why they would have extra protection, more protection than they have today. what protection does it given them against an other than move-in eviction and what about those who have been evicted when they were converted to t.i.c. in the first place. i've protested many times in front of those places where people were evicted just to form a t.i.c. there. no one is against families living in san francisco has been intimated but not at expense of elderly disabled and long-term tenants and not at the
and buildings going to t.i.c. in the condo bypass lottery should fall on deaf ears. lastly, i think you shouldn't have to give up your unit as an other than in order to gain -- owner in order to gain financial stability in san francisco. thank you. >> chair wiener: thank you. let me call more names. amy wagner, cole ryan, gabriela, cole, tony robe less, sharea short, dean preston, wu, william hahannon, mir nah, amy wagner, v inia, greg, bobby, jennifer ly lyon. go ahead. thank you. you can see from the crowd that just came up that some people maybe have cut in line, but thank you. go ahead. >> my name is jennifer. i actually hate public speaking but this issue is so important to me that i'm going to make an exceptions. i'm a first time homeowner, a long time renter in san francisco. this legislation is important. it provides protection not only for renters that are in their unit, but for families that have been in t.i.c.s and have been struggling for a long time. the same protections afforded to me as a renter to make sure my rent didn't skyrocket out of control are not in place for t.i.c. owne
be happy to stay here. in 1980, they were having a debate about condo conversion in san francisco, actually, at the supervisors hearing. and the debate then was if something became a condo, did 40% of the existing tenants have to be able to buy in, or did 80% of the existing tenants have to buy in. right now, none of the existing tenants have to buy in, for it to become a condo. it can go to a t.i.c. first and flip that process. we're not talking about tenants and buildings being able to buy their units. renters being able to buy their units. you're asking people who are a higher income group being able to kick out people, often with a middle man, a speculator, doing it. if folks here wanted to live in a unit they would be asking you to pass this with a 10 year ban on renting or selling the unit. before it could be sold. but many people are going to condo convert and then flip it. my friend actually owns a t.i.c. he bought it for 260,000. his t.i.c. owner upstairs just sold their unit for 450. that was five years ago. so clearly you can sell your t.i.c. unit for some money. they knew what t
the legislation that was supposed to keep all of these people, who evicted a senior or disabled person from condo converting and i have the proof here that that's not working, that -- and we have an indication that this could be a much bigger problem, that there could be all of these condos that should have -- these buildings that should never have been able to condo convert that are condo converting. and i call on you all to support a call for the city to put a moratorium on all condo conversions until there can be a thorough audit of the city agencies responsible for preventing these illegal evictions from happening. and that has to stop right now. because any -- it's possible that this group of people, that you're giving this fast pass to condo conversion to, quite possible some of them have -- disable the people and should not be able to condo convert. also, after being evicted from my home, i want a bmr condo which i had to sell because i can no longer afford it and we could not refinance when my roommate retired. so i believe in real affordable home ownership through bmrs. t.i.c.s don't pas
condo conversion lottery. >> chair wiener: before i turn it over to supervisor farrell, who is the lead author, i want to note since we have quite a few people here today, i have quite a few public comment cards. if you are interested in making public comment and have not done so, please fill out one of these cards and you can leave it in the tray over there. we do have an overflow room because we are at capacity in the board chambers. when we get to public comment, i will call names of folks who have signed up for public comment. if you are in the overflow room and your name is called please come to the board chambers to you can speak. in addition, if there -- when we get the public comment, if there is anyone who, because of -- they're senior, or disabled or have children, where it would be a hardship to wait for public comment, we're happy to accommodate you, to have you go early, in public comment. i also want to note that we do have a board rule against audible expressions of approval or disapproval, such as cheering, booing, hissing, et cetera, because it disrupts the flow of the
to the middle and support the condo bypass. >> chair wiener: thank you very much. next speaker. >> my name is gabriela, i'm a therapist who works with my husband here in it san francisco, in the lower haight. we own a one unit and a three unit building and i'm a first time homebuyer and previous renter. i've dreamed about owning in san francisco. my husband and i worked very hard to buy the one unit that we own and i work close. we work six days a week, 12 to 15 hours a day. i'm in support of the condo conversions and i would not be able to see as many patients and provide support like i like to do and be the person i want to be. when we bought the unit in it hopes that in three years of being a owner occupied building, now it's been many years after and the length of time has gone out of our range to condo convert. we pay 6% interest and are not able to refinance though we've tried and tried as we know there's only one bank doing it right now and have tried for a year. we're not taking away from the rental market and hope to support san francisco. we are unlikely to profit out of the conv
. we have been patiently waiting to condo convert for six years with our financial stability deteriorating. we are trapped by our loan because we are not able to refinance and have a balloon payment due in two years. i'm scared what will happen in two years. i am not a real estate investor. i'm not looking to float my home. i am a mother who wants to raise her child in san francisco and have the same mortgage financing options as the rest of the countries. i urge you to support the condo bypass legislation. >> chair wiener: thank you very much. next speaker. >> hello. my name is julie, and i'd like to thank the supervisors for taking this into such serious and strong consideration. i think what's evident today is that the t.i.c. units and ownership is very unique to san francisco and therefore requires unique and brave decisions. i'm a single woman, i've lived here for 20 years, i bought my first home as a t.i.c., not because i was looking to flip a unit, not because i'm wealthy but because i worked very hard to do what seemed practical and smart. i can't believe i'm standing
franciscoy i can afford to live. i'm against this condo converse legislation. condo conversions were limited in 1981 to 200 annually because of a dramatic increase and cannibalization in the housing stock a trend which unfortunately continues today. real estate lobbyists tried twice to repeal these by proposition but both times were soundly defeated by voters. i consider the proposed legislation with its dubious claim of proavmenting low income housing as an attempt to do away with these limits and a end run around of the voters. allowing mass condo conversions will encourage more real estate speculation, and more t.i.c.s at the expense of less affluent renters and is not good or moral public policy. while i have sympathy for t.i.c. owners in regards to their financial situation, i think this is -- that that is better served by going after the banks, you know, and not other renters. my opinion. >> chair wiener: thank you very much. next speaker please. >> i want to introduce myself, i'm mark bridges, and i want to thank the supervisors for taking time to listen to us. but before i really tel
to buy back the condo conversion process these units will be taken out of rent control stock and will open the flood gate and incentivize the speculators. a lot of the tenants are low income and will not afford other places. i have also experienced ellis act eviction process and i do not wish this upon anyone to go through. also speculators will be motivated into the t.i.c. market. -- the waiting list, we're concerned more speculators will jump into the market and -- to get into the condo conversion while empty. this will not create new housing, let alone affordable. we need to protect rent control housing so families will not be forced to move away. i -- the housing market. thank you. >> chair wiener: thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i'm going to be brief with my comment. let's not fool ourselves here. this legislation is not going to do anything to increase the affordable housing stock here in the city. nor will it put a dent in it, nor will it protect rent control. according to state law the -- cycle of rent control is 1979. henceforth any building
anybody. we've been playing the lottery since then, a few times -- condo convert, have been able to do, a few things have changed since then, one thing is mortgage situation and market, second we have a three-year-old kid right now and we're in the situation we cannot really move within the city realistically, given all the prices in the market. we cannot refinance. we have tried, we're not able to do so, given the known situations in the market, and we cannot rent out without losing opportunity to really play the lottery. so we ask you to support the legislation. it's a win/win. thank you. >> chair wiener: thank you very much. next speaker. >> hello. my name is frank, i'm a homeowners in san francisco and got my start 32 years ago in a t.i.c. i came to support the backlog of t.i.c. conversion units to condo. however i do say that preference should be given to buildings where all the units are owner occupied and were purchased without an eviction. when a renter like me entered a t.i.c. process, he or she does remove a unit of rental stock but also decreases demand for rental stock by o
for the condo lottery. in most instances it's three years for a certain amount of tenants for larger buildings it gets more complicated. the even potential chance for that to happen is years down the road. second of all what i would articulate is -- and ask any of the t.i.c. owners that speak with us today -- the desirability of t.i.c.s especially because of the financing market over the last few years has gone down significantly. i've had a significant number of friends, people in my community that own t.i.c.s that when they try to sell them is much more challenging. so i would suggest the desirability of these units going forward would be significantly reduced. >> chair wiener: thank you. did you have more comments? >> supervisor chiu: i had one reaction or comment. i think that supervisor farrell's observation that the desirability of t.i.c.s might be reduced, that very well might be the case. i know there have been some suggestions of is there's way to take care of the current generation of t.i.c. owners but essentially move us away from what is clearly a fairly broken and controversial sy
>>> san francisco shout out against the housing plan. why some say condo conversion is bad for the community. >>> complete news coverage starts now. this is bay area news at 7:00. >>> good evening and it's monday, i'm gasby bs calian and this is news at 7:00. are you ready for football and we begin with the super ball. both teams are in new orleans. the afl baltimore ravens arrived this afternoon. first off the coach was donn harvar and followed by the players. >>> they say they're trying to stay focused on what stays ahead and one player calls it a business trip. they attended meeting when away from cameras and when asked about the distractions like new orleans and the coach said they've discussed the matters amongst themselves. >>> but unlike the nighters, our cruise can soak in the super bowl. we have coverage are cane wane and he's on burr bin street and see how they're embracing the city. >> reporter: very loud here on burbin street in new orleans and there's fans on every corner and blasting music and you can see people crowding the streets and news cameras are here f
came from the nexus study conducted, studying the effects of a condo converse study two years ago. happy to provide you with that. but that's where that fee emanated from. >> co-chair kim: in terms of depending on the number of years obviously that fee reduces down to $4,000. i know there's concern about whether $4,000 per unit can mitigate the loss of rent control units. beyond the normal existing procedure that we have currently for -- to ensure that there's sort of a metered rate at which we lose -- basically lose rent controlled units. >> supervisor farrell: i challenge probably the premise of that comment but i will say that the amount of fee reduction was a balancing act -- and to the city attorney can speak to further detail about that. we have to match that with the nexus study but also there is at a certain point a breakage point where people will not be incentivized to go forward and pay a fee. if they are seniority base you have a greater chance of winning the lottery. if you have missed it for x number of years you will be much closer going forward based upon seniority
and i wanted to start clearing the properties and i wanted to start on the building next door. i condo'd that, so, i wanted to get three separate loans. and ivan [speaker not understood], i don't know if he's still there, brought out the file. one of the lists had already [speaker not understood] already come out and marked the list with about 20 items in red ink, each item in red ink and circled in red ink. he turned this back momentarily with a file machine. i don't know. and i said, ivan, someone already came out and checked this list. and he wheeled around and he said, you forged that. anyway, he grabbed the file. he wouldn't give me the copies. what had happened is these three cases appeared on my file report and you can't refinance your property until you clear the abatement. the lender will not go behind outstanding abatement. so, i had to clear them. anyway, i came back the next day. i had never met rosemary boske, and i was expecting -- i had three condo conversions, this building -- in my building. dealing with the building department, very level headed, professional. that's
for affordable housing for too many years. please, seriously consider the needs of the condo owners, renters, and the good of san francisco. this is a very balanced legislation. it is win/win/win for all and please vote for it on behalf of everybody. thank you. >> co-chair kim: can i ask you a question. >> chair wiener: supervisor kim has a question for you. if you could, for the folks who don't understand english, if you could let them know that we appreciate it if they didn't applaud. if they want to wave their hands to approve. and, ms. tran, supervisor kim has a question for you. >> co-chair kim: you know, when you had talked in your speech, you had mentioned that you were talking about affordable homeowners and the future for everyone. i assume you're not necessarily represent ago group of t.i.c. owners that are currently looking for relief from their current situation, which may be higher interest rate loans but looking into the future that t.i.c.s would be a possibility for everyone. >> i am a member of the small property owners of san francisco, and we have lots of people in that are
help take care of those folks today, but then actually do a freeze on future condo conversion so that we're not encouraging other folks to enter into that field, knowing that that bypass is given today. the reason why i asked the question of some of the public commenters about whether they were t.i.c. owners currently its not because they don't have skin in the game. it's in everyone's right to speak in favor or in opposition of legislation, regardless of their status, or the position that they hold within the legislation. my concern was that other folks were looking at this legislation as an ice break for more, for more condo conversion in the future. so we were getting public comment from folks who were hoping in the future that they too can then become t.i.c. owners and then get a bypass in five or 10 years. that's the concern that i had. i know the authors have said that's speculation but public comment today has proved that far from speculation, that people are looking at this passage as an indication of whether they should encourage more t.i.c. ownership and that for me is
said that i do things without permits. that's not true. i had these buildings were condo converted, at least two buildings. i have their certificates for final completion. i have the electrical permits for the heaters. i get permits all the time because as i said, i'm used to dealing with the building department and very level headed people. anyway, what happened was -- >> i'm sorry, it's 7 minutes, time is up. >>> i'm holding here -- they deny that i asked them, when i filed this appeal, i didn't know i had 7 minutes. >> five matters? it's up to you. they're your rules and procedures. because there's five separate matters, the department has presented in one, i'm not sure it's fair to limit her to the 7 minutes. >> okay. >> but it's up to you. >> three more minutes. >>> okay. anyway, i asked them when i filed this appeal about those three cases. and she looked it up on the computer and said i had never cleared any case on that building. and anyway, i came down here the next day and one of the revocations is on file. i cleared three and it's on each one. it's number 167 8 06. and w
of this lifetime lease is rather vague. i think the numbers that she identified from the mid-2000 for condo conversions are rather straij if the limit is 200 a year. i would like to see the paperwork myself. i think since 1991 since i've been in this city when i first moved here i've lodged artists get strip mined out of the city through the reduction of affordable housing and through reduction of affordable living. and to pretend that there is no speculative interest in real estate in san francisco, when we've gone through a world recession that was caused by speculative real estate caused by the banks is disingenuous. i'm against this legislation because i don't think it will help the t.i.c. people and it certainly won't help me. i'm a renter. thank you. >> chair wiener: thank you. next speaker please. >> hi there. my name eskelly and i work in the supportive sector, and cannot afford rent in san francisco anymr. i'm attending today's hearing to gain more information about this proposal and how it affects renters and i would like to express concerns over the enforceability of the lifetime
, a condo on the same street being reassessed. one was fronting positive, another fronting something that was taking away from the value. they need education. when you go through the first process there is a checklist as to what you should be bringing in if you're going to the hearing. >> thank you so much. thank you ms. nelson. next we have shawn ridgell. okay. next we have daniel hershkowitz. >> how do you do? >> how do you do. >> please ask me the same question at the end. i am a real estate attorney and arrested broker in san francisco. i have been here for half of my life, true in a couple of months. i have been a real estate attorney for the last 15 years here san francisco and for a few years in oakland. for the last 12 years i have worked primarily as a real estate broker. i have quite a bit of experience with the appraisal process. i am a homeowner here in san francisco. that is in true; i have been a renter for the last two months; for the previous 15 years, an owner of single-family homes and a few condos and also the landlord. i understand all of those perspectives. i al
to the board of supervisors to ask permission to tear it down and build condos when they have already indicated that they wanted to be designated a local landmark. and what we argued in the trial court and in the court of appeal that, as a matter of law, that that is insufficient. another argument which they made, at the end of the trial court proceedings, and in the court of appeal, was that it would have been futile to appeal the denial of the cu to the board of supervisors because since there was no certified eir, the board was without authority to grant the cu. because you can't -- because this project needed a certified eir, the board couldn't -- under their theory,g2jpÑ could not hn appeal of a denial of a cu, where there was no certified eir. and the court of appeal rejected that argument as well. >> commissioner antonini: interesting, yeah. it's always been my experience, just in relation to this, that -- been reticent to approve environmental pieces, and not do the conditional use on the same day because of this appealability, whereas once the -- you know, it has to be appealed as a
. >> yeah, but i mean your condo conversion -- >> they will be condo mapped. >> i was trying to look through and read -- i should have done this in the report. are the conversions all two bedrooms? >> this is something ben and i was talking about outside. there are different sizes. >> so you've got good size units. that's very good. >> yeah. >> now the final thing and i am concerned about staff had brought up the -- you've got ground floor retail and then you've got second floor office. >> correct. >> and i would like to suggest to the commissioners that we pass some notice of special restrictions to ensure the community they're not converted into living units and there be some kind of specification that inspections are made. >> sure. >> on a regular basis to make sure they're uses are conforming and the purpose is what stated for and not to add more residents which would negate the more parking because they would have more cars. >> sure. >>i think that occurs most of my questions and the design is good and good addition for the neighborhood. >> commissioner sugaya. >> yes just a question
the permits within two minutes. they were to comply with the 3r report for the condo conversion. and i had the electrical inspection -- you have to get a physical inspection, and they -- ah, let's see. for the condo conversions, you have to do that. , and so, the electrical inspectors came out and they, you know, say on their reports what they want and then you comply with them. i had the electrical on both buildings. i was able to find it right away. so, they didn't spend a lot of time. for my experience, they don't spend a lot of time and i'm always accused of not having permits. i have to present them. and as i said, it's a very toxic relationship and i really have to have that changed. i'm 62 years old and, you know, i just can't take it any more. that's what i'm hoping for, some sort of change, but sounds like it's not going to [inaudible]. >> so, you say you do have permits for the heaters. >>> yes. >> do you have them with you? >>> i have -- these are from my 3825 through 29 [inaudible]. 38 31 through 35. this was 2009. this was for 2009. i have my -- did i give you my clcs? i don't
in a condo, across the street from me, there are bedroom windows. you know, i don't think people in my condo building stand there and try to look in other people's windows. i suppose if you are having coffee or having a drink or something, you know, you might glance around and there is that kind of thing, but i don't think that most people on these kinds of decks. this is a family. it's like -- it's just not going to happen. i don't consider that to be an extraordinary circumstance. >> commissioner antonini? >> i would agree with commissioner sugaya. i know in "rear window," there this was a lot of that activity in that building being a hitchcock movie. this is different, because the people on the decks would have to turn, instead of looking at the garden and green space, actually look back to their east and to the east windows and again, we're in a city that people are always going to have windows. i don't see any other impacts. the dr request's home is the one that goes furthest into the open space as far as this project is concerned. so i don't see anything unusual or extraordinary
are planned for initially for rental, everything is condo mapped and built to the standards that would allow it to be a condo because i think that these have to be built to different standards if i am not mistaken. >> thank you. >> on that motion, commissioners to approve projects 801 brannan. and adams. >> moore, aye. >> sugaya. >> wu. >> aye. commissioner antonini. >> aye. >> it passes 6 to 0. >> commissioners. >> do you want to take a very short break? >> yeah. >> we are going to commissioners are going to take a break and we will come back at 3:15, thank you.
the retail at the end of the day? are they leasing it or is it sold? >> it will be sold as a condo. >> okay. thanks. >> commissioner moore. >> i just wanted to commend the architect for submitting the supplemental information and about the mapping and careful and put it into context. it's very interesting to me particularly leaving the building beyond and marking the corner on mission and tenth and lower building and help with the transition, not only on mission but respecting the adjacentacy of the kres cant. i think your spainz was extremely good and what i would like to recommend to the department make it besides from the specific of the design something we would be asking pretty much everybody else who comes forward with new buildings in downtown. i am very comfortable with the building. i only have one funny question if you allow me. in your drawings the elevations you have tiny red lines tracing through the elevations. is that a ink mistake or -- (inaudible). >> we're trying to relate that to the proportions of the next door buildings. >> oh. i was just curious. tiny little li
. the board got an earful as they considered a one time only plan to fast track condo conversions. it's designed to get rid of a huge back lock, but it could also push renters out of their homes. >> reporter: stacy and kevin are proud parents of an 8-week- old baby boy. but their home sweet home is making them lose more sleep than the baby. they only have a one bedroom unit, so the crib is in their closet, and they can't sell, because stacy bout it as part of a tic, where co-owners buy in together. after eight years, they're still waiting to convert. >> goes slower and slower each time, because there are more applicants competing for the same number of spots. >> reporter: san francisco only allows 200 condo conversions every year. city officials say the number of tic's has grown to more than 2,000. >> it used to take, five, six, seven years to win the condo lottery. it's now looking more like 20 years. >> reporter: the line to speak went out the door, and snaked around the hallway. opponents held a rally outside. they say the law is bad, and would only encourage investors to snatch up
condo conversions. it's designed to get rid of a huge back lock, but it could also push renters out of their homes. >> reporter: stacy and kevin are proud parents of an 8-week- old baby boy. but their home sweet home is making them lose more sleep than the baby. they only have a one bedroom unit, so the crib is in their closet, and they can't sell, because stacy bout it as part of a tic, where co-owners buy in together. after eight years, they're still waiting to convert. >> goes slower and slower each time, because there are more applicants competing for the same number of spots. >> reporter: san francisco only allows 200 condo conversions every year. city officials say the number of tic's has grown to more than 2,000. >> it used to take, five, six, seven years to win the condo lottery. it's now looking more like 20 years. >> reporter: the line to speak went out the door, and snaked around the hallway. opponents held a rally outside. they say the law is bad, and would only encourage investors to snatch up housing units currently needed for renters. >> you have people that just want
dealing with all of this construction in the name of progress. well, it appears that the 18,000 condo owners who live in the area will also be paying more in taxes in the name of progress, too. right now the new property tax will add about 7 cents to each $100 of a landowner's assessed property value. that's commercial property and residential property. that amounts to about $30 a month for most condo owners here. the decades long plan promises to make tysons into a walkable, vibrant downtown area to both live and work. >> we're looking at doubling the jobs so it would be 200,000 rather than 100,000. and we're also interested in increasing the residential cop point so that we would have more like of 100,000 residents living in tysons. >> there's no precedence for this segregated taxation. they might as well put a fence around this area because we feel very much isolated, segregated from the rest of the county. >> reporter: this is an issue that everyone can really relate to, even if you don't live here in tysons. we have lots of construction in our area, lots of progress happening in
that they can afford to buy these market-rate condos. the mayor's office of housing has a program called the teacher next door, and they provide $20,000 to teachers so they can stay in the city and qualify for the program. they have the same program for the police, same program for the fire. they should have that same program for people who live in the mission so they can qualify to live there. i used to work before with the school district and there was i think 68,000, 69,000 students in the school district. this was about 15 years ago. you know how many kids are in the school district now? 55,000. we're losing our families. we're losing our kids. we need to build housing. we need to build affordable housing and provide jobs and provide placement for families to live in san francisco. look what's happened to the african-american community in the city. they're being wiped out of the city. all this back and forth over the last 20 or 30 years has not helped. i think in retrospect it's made things worse. time now to start changing that. and i think this commission could be the beginning of
and entries. the units will be offered as condos and offices offered on site. >> the building from east to west to match the respect of the 50 foot projects on the site. the step down in height will allow it to be built in an environment and larger buildings will be along goff street while other s will be located on grove street to the west. the building articulating smaller masses by wave like facades that offer the bay window. and the claims also appear to reduce the apparent scale of the project and pick up on the rhythms in the environment. the (inaudible) estimate a letter of support for the project. the housing action coalition submitted a letter to circulate and i kirk late that for reference. it was in the residential building located to the project site at 525 gof street. that it will reception of light and air through the openings. (inaudible) the project too tall and the density too high and also have suggested that the community gardener make it preperable to the project. also that the project does not contain enough parking. the market and activity plan encouraging walking
,000, about the price of a small condo here in the bay area. >> very small condo. >> kiet do, you're not going either. thank you very much. >>> i know that you've heard it quite a few times already. it's called the har within bowl or the har within -- the har- bowl or the har brawl. so it's already started, sort of a good natured -- >> what kind of condo can you get for $300,000? >> not bad. >> maybe a sideline after the football game. if you believe jim harbaugh, he hasn't spoken to his brother john since the super bowl became a family affair. even father jack is keeping a lid on it. perhaps because they had to endure all this hype last year when john's ravens beat jim's 49ers. >> doesn't matter who the coach is or, you know, what relationship you have with somebody on the opposite side. you're trying to beat them. >> can we all agree just forget about that stuff? we did that last year, okay? it was fine. it got old last year, right? >> love you, man. >> i'm so proud of you. >> no matter how it comes out you can't change that. >> exactly righ
city where people who live in a condo comare waking up shocked to find out a violent fight broke out overnight. we will tell you about the two men involved and what their connection is to each other. >>> we're live in east palo alto, it's been days since the last major rain storm. but flood damage can be seen. we'll tell you why some residents are not happy as "mornings on 2" continues. ♪ [ female announcer ] no more paper coupons. no more paper lists. [ dog barking ] ♪ no more paper anything. safeway presents just for u. ♪ save more. save easier. saving more, starts now. just for u on the safeway app. neural speeds increasing to 4g lte. brain upgrading to a quad-core processor. predictive intelligence with google now complete. introducing droid dna by htc. it's not an upgrade to your phone. it's an upgrade to yourself. >>> developing news now from daly city. a fight between a father and a son turned violent this morning. ktvu's janine de la vega is in daly city to let us know one is recovering from stab wounds. the other from head trauma. janine. >> reporter: yeah, tori. it wa
year. but the 18,000 condo owners in the area say the tax unfairly targets them when all of fairfax county will benefit from the 40 year plan. the board of supervisors still needs to raise the $230 million in taxes, the $230 million rather that the taxes promise to bring in, but they'll now have to current state law. that law lumps all commercial and residential land owners together. if they change the law, maybe residentses will get a bit of a tax break when it comes to paying the new taxes. >> we can decreate and recreate to make changes to it which is something we could do as a result of general assembly action. >> who wants to buy a business or condo when i can go a mile away and pay less tax for the home and business. >> reporter: but know typically things in the general assembly move very slowly. however we're told by the board that the governor wants to focus on transportation for this short session. and she believes, the chairman believes that they can take up this issue and change the current zoning law in regards to taxes this session. so possibly there could be a change i
quite a strike. upscale condo owners are worried about a party space coming to the heart of their neighborhood. tom sherwood explains this development debate. >> reporter: the old georgetown park shopping center is being gutted and remodeled in the heart of georgetown. residents of about 100 expensive condos above the work don't like all the noise, but are even more worried about what's to come. a ten-lane upscale bowling alley with dining and special event space that could draw hundreds of customers a day to wisconsin and canal site that's better known for upscale dining and shopping. >> a lot of our residents are strongly against the idea partly because in the past we had noise issues with the mall. >> condo owner rebecca shay worry despite being told the notice will be insulated. >> with all the alcohol, bowling, and parties, and until midnight or even later than that, it's really a huge concern. i mean that's our home, right? always after work, we want to said that 9 develop faces a mandatory rezoning hearing. he says any new development must the residents come first.
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